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Current data panel

The current data panel is shown in the picture below:

Figure 1 - Current data panel

It consists of the following blocks:

This panel can be hidden / expanded using the button ()

Map Toolbar

Figure 2 - Map toolbar  

The toolbar includes the following components: 

Figure 3 - Address display mode 

In order to disable the mode, press the button () or press the Address button () again. If the address database is missing, the window will display the note "Unknown address." 

Figure 4 - Distance mode

In this case, the Clear button removes all markers from the map and resets the total distance. When more than two markers are displayed on the map, a window is displayed next to them showing the distance from the current marker to the first one (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Example of a few markers in the distance mode 

Figure 6 - Report tab

Units on the map

Vhicle on the map can be displayed with the following icons:

  a parked object (speed below the threshold);


 a moving object (the name is indicated below);


 a group of objects (the number of vehicles in the group is displayed below).


On selecting an object in the map module, at the top a panel with detailed information about the object appears (name, date and time of the last contact, driver information, information about the last recorded location). An example is shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7 - Example of detailed information about an object.

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