SCOUT Online: Units

A table with Units is shown in Figure 1. This table appears when the Units module is selected in the side menu of the system.

Figure 1 - Table of Units

This table consists of the following elements:

Figure 2 - Search field

Search can be carried out by:

- license plate;
- ID;
- name;
- driver.   

Figure 3 - Table of objects  

On clicking on the column name in the table header, you will be able to sort the list in ascending or descending order.   

On clicking on the fields Name, License plate and Information about the driver, you will be shown a unit card (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Unit card

Unit cards consist of 2 blocks:

- reference information about the object;
- information on current data (time of the last message, speed, number of satellites, fuel volume, designated driver, last recorded location) with buttons to go to the map, information on building a report, building a track.

Figure 5 - Actions with the unit

Figure 6 - Control buttons panel

The control panel is provided with the following buttons:

Refresh () - updates the information in the table with units;

Save () - downloads the current list in excel format;

Settings () - opens the dropdown list of columns to be displayed in the header of the table (Figure 7).

Figure 7 - Display Settings

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