SCOUT Studio Launch. Connection to the SCOUT Platform Server

To start working with the program, you need to authorize (log in) by entering your username and password.

In order not to enter your login and password again the next time you start the program, tick the Save Password box.

Figure 1 - Authorization window

Click Details in the authorization window to specify the IP address and the port of SCOUT Platform Application Server, from which data will be received, and the preferred language of the program.

Select your time zone for correct work of SCOUT Studio with your local time, since the data in the message received from GPS is stored in GMT format.

Figure 2 - Details in Authorization window

If you run the program (and/or log in via the web-interface or mobile interface) on another device, your session in the previous device will be terminated as soon as you authorize in the new device, and the authorization form will appear on the display again.

Thus, having access rights, you can connect to the SCOUT Platform from anywhere with the Internet access and a browser with the Silverlight plugin or installed SCOUT Studio program.

If you made a mistake entering the login or password, a warning window will appear:

Figure 3 - Authorization Error

If you have forgotten the password for your account, click Forgot your password. More information on how to change password is in the article Password Recovery.