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SCOUT Studio Launch. Connection to the SCOUT Platform Server

To start working with the program, you need to authorize (log in) by entering your username and password. In order not to enter your login and password again the next time you start the program, tick the Save Password box. Figure 1 - Authorization w Read More

Brief description of the equipment

SCOUT MT-700 Lite - contains a basic set of functions that allow you to control the movement of vehicles at minimal cost. Among them: vehicle tracking, speed, direction of movement, duration and parking places. This modification is the best choice fo Read More

Online Data Table

Together with the map area of the SCOUT-Studio program, the online data module is a powerful tool for monitoring vehicles and sensor readings in real-time. Figure 1 - Online data table By default, the online data module is located at the bottom of t Read More

SCOUT Studio. Geozones

Table of Contents Introduction Geozone editor Additional panel of the geozone editor Geozone Creation Rectangular geozone Polygonal geozone Elliptical geozone Corridor (route?) geozone POI Geozone Introduction Geozone is a virtual, arbitrarily Read More

SCOUT Studio. Password Recovery

Password recovery in SCOUT Studio and SCOUT SilverStudio is not available for accounts created in non-email format. If the user login is in non-email format, the user will see the message "For your account is not available opportunity to change your Read More

Start of work in SCOUT Studio. Maps

The start page displays a map and a list of vehicles configured in SCOUT Manager. The main working area of the program is the map window. SCOUT Studio offers a large set of well-known Internet cards (Yandex, OpenStreet, Bing, Google, Yahoo). You can Read More

SCOUT Studio Features

SCOUT Studio Features The SCOUT Studio program is the dispatcher work program and a part of SCOUT Platform - the SCOUT software and hardware complex. SCOUT Platform is intended to simplify the work of dispatchers of transport enterprises, reduce the Read More

SCOUT Online: Notifications

The Notifications page contains an even log, shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 - Event log It has the following elements: information on the total number of notifications and the number (Figure 2); Figure 2 - The number of notifications a table with n Read More

SCOUT Online: Tracks

Table of Contents Building a track using Units section Building a track using the map Track display mode   In order to build a vehicle track, select a required vehicle. You can select a vehicle finding it either on a map or in Units section in th Read More

SCOUT Online: Drivers

The Drivers module is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 - Drivers Module The page with the module consists of: list with group selection; list of employees of the selected group; search by drivers of the selected group. Clicking on the columns Full name Read More

SCOUT Online: Search

The SCOUT Online interface enables the users to search for information throughout the whole system. Search is carried out through the corresponding field at the top of the screen (Figure 1). Figure 1 - General search field If search is carried out u Read More

SCOUT Online: Reports

The report building page is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 - Report Building Page NOTE! The language in which the report will be displayed depends on the language of interface. In order to change the language, open a dropdown list near your account na Read More

SCOUT Online: Units

A table with Units is shown in Figure 1. This table appears when the Units module is selected in the side menu of the system. Figure 1 - Table of Units This table consists of the following elements: Show () - adjusts the number of objects displaye Read More

SCOUT Online: Preferences

The Settings page is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 - Settings page The page includes: a drop-down list with options to be displayed on the start page. Available options are shown in Figure 2. Objects module is displayed on the start page by default; Read More

SCOUT Online: Map

Table of Contents Current data panel Map Toolbar Units on the map Current data panel The current data panel is shown in the picture below: Figure 1 - Current data panel It consists of the following blocks: All units - displays the number of con Read More

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